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Welcome to JDC!



"Preparing children for school by giving them the gift of self-esteem."

- Since 1985

Our Classes


Jefferson Discovery Center accepts children ranging from ages 3 months to 5 years. We pride ourselves in having smaller child to teacher ratios than the State of New Mexico allows. Click on any of the classes below to find out more! 


What's going on at JDC?

Dion's Walking Field Trip


One of our favorite days at JDC is when the Preschool class makes their annual field trip to Dion's. This is a kid favorite because they get to go behind the scenes at Dion's to see how the pizza is made, they get to partake in fun Dion's activities and then enjoy some yummy pizza! 

Take Your Parent to School Day


Sometimes it is fun for our parents at JDC to come hang out with us during the day to see what the kids are busy doing while they are away at work. At Take Your Parent to School Day we do our normal daily routine, such as work and circle time, and then enjoy making an art project with the help of our parents. 

Popcorn Art


Popcorn art is always a creative, yet yummy project for the kids. It helps kids develop their fine motor skills through the process of squeezing the glue out of the tube and then placing the popcorn on the glue. This is always a big hit with the kiddos because then they get to eat the popcorn after too!

Splash Day!


A tradition here at JDC continues this summer! Every other Tuesday during the months of June and July, the kids get to cool off with pools and hoses outside in the sand. Plus, they learn that sand and water mixed together makes some great mud for building sand castles. 

Firework Art


What better way to celebrate Independence Day than with art? Here the kids used a kitchen scrubber to create their fun pops of fireworks! Using the kitchen scrubber helps demonstrate to the children how we can use everyday items to expand our creativeness.

Father's Day Barbecue


To help celebrate the Fathers at JDC, we walked to our nearest park to have our annual Father's Day Barbecue. Here we enjoyed fun games, such as tag and parachute play, and spent much time playing on the jungle gym and spending one-on-one time with our favorite dads.

Zoo Field Trip


Nothing starts off summer at Jefferson Discovery Center like our annual field trip to the Zoo. The kids love this day because they get to hit the ground running at the zoo and see animals in their natural habitats. They also enjoy this field trip because more than half of our parents at our school are able to accompany us on this special day. 

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