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Here at Jefferson Discovery Center, we feel that early childhood education is important because it is during this time that the child learns at a faster rate than they ever will again. Social interaction at this stage of a child's life is of utmost importance. We are proud of the amazing environment that we have worked to build for our children and we enjoy watching them embrace their surroundings each and every day. It is because our hard work and determination to ensure the safety and comfort of the children at JDC that we have been given the license of a Three Star daycare facility (pictured below).

Our Mission 

Our mission as a school community is to build an environment with supportive parents, dedicated teachers  and enthusiastic learners. We as a center work as a team to build a strong, supportive environment for our children to become stronger individually and as a group. We strive to inspire excellence, nurture individual curiosity, creativity and imagination in each child. We help to build a child's independence and confidence within themselves through the structured learning environment that is offered. 

Our Philosophy

We feel that the children who attend Jefferson Discovery Center learn best through their daily experiences in the school, as well as through the community. We work to engage and stimulate your child in various hands-on-activities which are designed for them by their age group and development level. Your child's environment will offer opportunities and choices of age appropriate materials to help encourage their independence in their learning environment through self direction. By following the Montessori Philosophy at JDC your child is encouraged to be independent and responsible for them and the materials they choose to work with. Respect for the rights of other children, adults and materials that are offered in their environment are fundamental to the balance of the classroom. They will experience real life experiences in the community through outings, such as field trips, walks and outside visitors. As a teacher in the classroom we support the right of each child to make his/her own valuable judgments and we provide them with the environment in which positive choices and experiences can be made. We feel that it is important to build meaningful relationships with your child through communication and positive interactions with adults and peers. A safe and nurturing classroom balanced by structure, routine and boundaries will be offered to optimize your child's learning potential.

About Our Director

Audrey Bartee has been working at Jefferson Discovery Center since 2007 and became active Director in June of 2014. She graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Audrey has worked with children of all ages infant through high school in both education and extra curricular activities.

Goals of Our Program

Develop values within each other by showing respect for self/others,

honesty, integrity, responsibility, empathy, compassion and kindness. 


Develop a loving community within our center and learn an

understanding of the outside community that each child comes from.


Develop a life long commitment to give something back to others

through the environment that is set up for the children and their



Jefferson Discovery Center's professional staff will work as a team to

provide a loving, sage and nurturing environment everyday to

support each individual family and their needs. There will always be

an open line of communication between the teachers and the parents

to help nourish each child's needs when they are at school. With this

special family that is built at JDC the children will be able to flourish

at their own pace in a safe enviornment.

Our Curriculum at Jefferson Discovery Center

At Jefferson Discovery Center we are a Montessori based school offering a supportive, nurturing environment to help your child meet their full potential. We offer a structured environment in which your child has the ability to grow and learn in many different areas of interest. At an early age your child has a profound sensitivity to learning and the environment that it is offered in. A young child takes in its surroundings and absorbs the necessary pieces to help them learn, whether it is language, math, motor skills and much more. They are working everyday to expand their knowledge of the world and their capabilities. We as teachers are there to help guide them in the classroom and encourage their love for learning new things. We at Jefferson Discovery Center work to provide the materials and equipment it takes to support your child through their early growing years and to expand on all of their senses to keep them stimulated in their early growing environment. Throughout their stay at JDC they will become more educated, confident and have a stronger sense of themselves and their social connection to other peers and adults.

  • In the classroom we will provide encouragement to explore all areas of interest provided. 

  • We will promote more of a hands on learning approach to engage them in active learning.

  • We as teachers understand that play is a primary mode of learning for children. 

  • Our teachers are knowledgeable of age appropriate materials and will make them available in each classroom.

  • We as teachers acknowledge that children learn in different ways and at different levels.

  • We will work to provide a calm, organized and structured learning environment.

  • We understand that each child is unique and we are there to nurture them in their individual learning styles and meet their needs.

  • We will encourage positive relationships and communication among peers and adults throughout each day.

  • We will strive to help children meet their full potential in their classrooms and for their age level.


"Discipline means training that enables the child to develop self control and orderly conduct in relationship to others (peers and adults)." We practice the 3 R's. "Respect for yourself, Respect for others, and Respect for the environment."

  1. Discipline shall be clear and understandable to the child. It shall be consistent and explained to the child before and at the time of any disciplinary action. Disciplinary action will be taken immediately. For example, a child will not be restricted or lose a privilege in the afternoon for something that happened in the morning.

  2. Discipline shall include positive guidance, re-direction, and setting of clear-cut limits which foster the child's own ability to become self-disciplined.

  3. Disciplnary practices established by the school shall be designed to encourage the child to be fair, to respect property, and to assume personal responsibility and responsibility for others. 

  4. Positive discipline may include a brief supervised separation from the group. This may include time reading a book, or doing a puzzle on their own. 

  5. The following discplinary practices are prohibited in a child care center: physical punishment; withdrawal from food, rest or bathroom opportunities; abusive or profane language, or any form of public or private humiliation including threats of physical punishment; unsuperivised isolation of the child; and any other type of punishment that is hazardous to the physical or mental health of the child.

  6. Communication between teacher and parents is essential. Notes may be sent home to let you know of a problem. This is so that you are aware of a behavior. Sometimes there may be a change at home that we are not aware of. When we know what's going on, we can better understand the child's needs. If there are every any questions or concerns plesase feel free to talk to us at anytime, our consistency with your child is crucial to well-being. We always appreciate feedback if you have any suggestions. 

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